The Perfect Sunday

Everybody perceives their Sunday in a different way. For me, Sunday should be a time spent with family, a slower day with time to relax and enjoy one another’s company before getting back to work and school. This would be my ideal Sunday morning:

A slow start to the day with an uninterrupted lie in (if you get my drift with young children around)! Maybe watch a bit of television in bed with snuggles from my little people. Then venturing downstairs for breakfast altogether. If the weather is nice enough, getting outside for a pleasant family stroll is a lovely idea and an excellent form of exercise for everyone. A nice walk with impressive views will be much more memorable and enjoyable for everyone. To make this even more memorable would be meeting up with friends too! The walk would ideally end up at a pub for a great Sunday lunch with a few beverages too! After that heading home for a family film together sounds like the perfect way to end a relaxing day with your family. Relaxing in front of the box, on the sofa and maybe even getting a snooze sounds idealistic!

The perfect Sunday will depend on your own family and interests, but any activities you all can do, will always provide a day which everyone can enjoy and make many memories together. Sundays should always be a time for family and relaxing before starting a new week, but that is not to say that it should be a boring day stuck in the house. Getting to spend quality time with family is all I need in life!

This isn’t exactly what my weekends look like, however my family are always involved through then weekends antics so it’s close as can be at the moment with a young baby and little people around!

Much love Rebecca

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