Jonas’ Six Month Update

Jonas is already half a year old! By this point all his brothers had cut their first teeth, but Jonas hasn’t any signs at all! Jonas has mastered sitting by himself this month, sometimes with a wobble! He prefers to be in an upright position and likes to arch his back when you hold his arms, so that you can pull him up to standing. He also has started shuffling backwards when lying on his front, so crawling is coming my way shortly! We are fully on board with weaning now. I do feel like he has gone through a growth spurt, as he seems to have doubled in length over night and this usually means there’s a new skill coming shortly. He turns towards sounds and voices, he knows his own name and he likes nothing more than to jabber away to himself. He confidently rolls in both directions, much to my dismay, he reaches out for people when he wants to be picked up and he loves grabbing at everything and anything!

Week twenty one – This week we wanted to go see what the trade was like at our local auction, the children were on a big high that day and we didn’t stay long. On the Sunday we went to forbidden corner and I wish I had taken the baby carrier instead of the pushchair because it was a maze, however we still had a fabulous time. I had a visit from the police to complete a crime survey based on our area and other than that we visited the park with friends.

Week twenty two – we watched the vet visit this week at the farm. Tobias had a solo trip out with his auntie nini and they sounded to have a great time at a waterpark. We also visited cold Stone cut which is a live quarry in our local area.

Week twenty four – The car went in for its MOT mid week so we were left carless for a couple of days. This was also the week that I took Hamish and Tobias out separately to get their school supplies. We met up with friends for a long overdue catch up. At the weekend Tobias went to his friends birthday party in York and it was also a church day for me on the Sunday.

Week twenty five – This was the week that the concreting started on the farm so took up a lot of Gavins time, he also started digging out the hole for the new slurry pit. Hamish had a special day by himself at grannies where he got spoilt rotten. It was haircut time for all the boys in preparation for our holiday and going back to school. The weekend mainly consisted of packing ready to go on our holiday.

Week twenty six – we went on our holiday to Sherwood Forest Center Parcs. You can read all about our week in my previous blog post.

Jonas is my dream baby, he doesn’t cry often and always has a smiley face. He’s great fun to be around and I love watching him growing each and every day!

Much love Rebecca

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