Changing Bag For 4 Children

Over the years my ever-changing, changing bag has seen many different items being included in its contents. However I have recently come across a different way of storing my items needed, for four children when out and about, and I thought I would share them with you.

My genius find through YouTube has been to have two bags. A bag, within a bag as such. So my day-to-day bag is a small clutch, that goes over my shoulder and includes my purse, my wallet and my sunglasses. This bag I use for running small errands and on the school run. But when it’s time to go on a day trip out or playgroup, or if it’s Grandma day. Any type of day that involves me being out of the house for longer than an hour, I will then put the smaller bag in my big bag, which contains more items.

The big bag has the nappies with wipes, A muslin, a change of clothes for baby, a small first Aid Kit, a pen and that’s about it, as standard. This bag then is ever evolving, if I’m taking more than just Jonas out with us. If all the boys are coming, I’ll make sure I’ve got drinks and snacks included (now that Jonas is starting to wean I’ll be including more food items in my bag going forward, as well, for him). I tend to take a separate bag for a change of clothes for each of the other boys, if needed and that is left in the car.

With baby number one (Tobias) I felt like I was carrying around everything and the kitchen sink, but as each baby has come on I’ve got more confident in what I actually need and I certainly don’t miss lugging the heavy bag around with me on every outing.

I also had invested in the past, in expensive changing bags when actually it wasn’t needed. The bag I’m currently using is the bag I bought when I was pregnant with Seth, from Amazon. It didn’t cost an arm and a leg and it’s standing up to the test of time, it’s spacious and seems to be very popular with other parents too.

Much love Rebecca

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