September 2022 Updates

Over the August bank holiday we celebrated Gavins fathers 60th birthday party in style! He had a big get together at the house and it was a fab event. We were super busy with the preparations, that getting ready for school was put on the back burner. However uniform needed to be labelled and ironed.

On the Tuesday Tobias went back to school on his own. So we made an extra special last day for Hamish and made it all about him. He got an ice cream, we went to the park and he was thrilled! The next day, on Hamishs actual first day of school, I cried (again). I aren’t an emotional person in the slightest! Hamish was very much ready to start, but to me he’s a little lad that still needs a-lot of help to get by. I’ll miss him so much, my non-verbal little rockstar.

We also celebrated our 7th Wedding Anniversary on the 05 September 2022 and now that we have four children, it has become ne-on impossible to drag Gavin out of the house. We should make a plan (and stick to it) like going for a walk and then enjoying our favourite takeaway or something similar – maybe when we don’t have babies around! Gavin and I had agreed not to go crazy this year, so we hadn’t even bought cards or gifts. We usually go through our wedding book where people signed or left messages to us. But we didn’t even do that this year!

Life changes when children come along. So much so, I laugh at what we said on our honeymoon. We promised each other at 5 years we would go back to the hotel we stayed at on our wedding night (not open anymore to the public) and at 10 years we would go back to our honeymoon destination. This is just unrealistic now with four young children, but I wouldn’t change what I have, I’m super lucky to have my boys and most importantly, Gavin, my husband, who helped create this life we’re living right now!

Much love

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