Zero Waste Updates 2022

In August 2020, is, for me, when my zero waste journey began. I was sick of taking out the bins every day. My family of five (back then) created eight bin bags of rubbish per week and I was getting frustrated with having bags wrapped in bags, wrapped in more bags! So I did a bin survey. Now Jonas has joined the family, things have slipped and I need to complete a bin survey again.

Previously my best switch was to use reusable nappies, however I have tried to change Jonas into reusables but with little success as he was getting wet in them constantly! So I need to focus in all the others instead and make changes where applicable.

The next big area that needs to be changed in our household currently, is our food shop. From my findings, basically anything from a supermarket is wrapped in plastic! What’s more annoying to me is children’s snacks, they’re wrapped individually and then again in another plastic film to contain each pack! Last time I slowly transitioned our eating habits to be able to buy fresh produce (meat, fruit and veg), use the milk man delivery service (which we still use), buy bread and cheese from the local bakery (where I could) request how it’s wrapped. I. Ow need to revert back to this! Also, because I meal plan, I will try to order all other items either in glass or tins.

Buying food packaged without plastic that then goes bad in the fridge (because the plastic is what helps keep it fresh) is just creating a different kind of waste and this is my problem at the moment– for example strawberries or salads.

Bathroom and cleaning products are also an area that I have gone backwards with. There’s too much plastic packaging and I’m struggling to access or source other equipment in my area. This needs more research in!

Thankfully, we’re still using the composter for all our food and paper waste! We recycle too, making a conscious effort to read packaging and make sure we’re doing our bit.

It’s super easy to fall off the band wagon and I do have to remind myself why I’m doing this, but it’s time to be a lot more conscious again. Its time to shift from ‘just doing my best’ to ‘acting on my thoughts’. Zero waste isn’t a quick change, it’s going to take many years, time and patience. I guess what I’m trying to say is it’s about the effort. It’s knowing that you want to change and It’s knowing you’re trying.

Much love Rebecca

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