Jonas’ Seven Month Update

Jonas has soon come round to being in his seventh month, earth side! He has dropped one of his daytime naps which seems to be affecting him overall with his night time feeds. With regards to his milestones he’s babbling away to himself quite happily and contentedly. He’s becoming more interested in the little details like how a wheel goes round or how different materials make sounds, especially by banging things together. He’s a sturdy sitter and has started to crawl forwards in an army drag style. He wants to stand constantly and can hold onto things for short periods of time on his own.

Week twenty six – this week was when everyone went back to school and we could finally get back into some kind of routine through the day. Gavin and I celebrated our seventh wedding anniversary in our typical style of just acknowledging it! This was also the week that I announced the start of my new business venture.

Week twenty seven – Once the children had settled back into school life, I decided it was time to start the big Declutter of the house for the autumn season, followed by a deep clean of each room as well. We also visited the local fair on the Thursday evening.

Week twenty eight – Everybody had the Monday off to go to our local village show, I also visited monk park farm with a friend this week. And I managed to book our Christmas experience for this year.

Week twenty nine – This week was all about self-care, I had an eyebrow appointment & Gavin and I went out with friends on the Friday night for the first time since Jonas was born. This is also the week that all the children received their flu vaccines for the year.

Week thirty – This week was dedicated to church. The weekend involved setting up for harvest festival, helping with all of the activities and also clearing up after the event as well. Tobias and Hamish went to their first birthday party, of many, this year. It was also my birthday this week and I celebrated it by having a filling at the dentist.

It’s really true that all babies are different and although Ive encouraged all my boys, they have achieved different milestones at different times.  You’d think by number four I’d know how to care for a baby, I don’t. I still feel like I’m learning Jonas’ ways and currently his routine is ever changing. I might know how to change a nappy and help him feed but his personality dictates how he likes me doing activities best for him. Jonas is certainly growing at his own pace and in his own time and I’m very privileged to be able to watch him succeed.

Much love

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  1. Lovely to read these family memories in the making! Be sure to brush and floss 2x a day, hope you don’t have to get more fillings! They used to say, “for every child a tooth.” Dental and prenatal care have improved our lives so~


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