Sofa Shopping

The time has come after 10 years of living in our home to replace our original sofa. The springs are now coming out of the back, none of the cushions have kept any shape and overall it’s just very uncomfortable. It also doesn’t have space for the whole family to sit on it anymore, so we now have to take that into consideration too.

Even though our current one is a large four seater corner unit, the corner part is actually a sound system which has never worked. I love the colour of our sofa and would like the new one to be similar or at least in keeping with our current decorations in the living room. I would also prefer the covers to be removable to allow for washing. Going forward I don’t want scatter cushions on the back, I would prefer one big stuffed back cushion. We’ve been reluctant to change until now because of the children tending to eat snacks and goodness knows what else is spilt on it!

Ideally I would be looking for a Chesterfield style sofa, if not two and definitely fabric for comfort. Although many people with children suggest that we should go for leather sofas due to the easiness of cleaning it with a wipe, I have to be honest and admit that I’m not a fan of leather. I don’t find them comfortable to sit on or to lounge on when we have PJ days (which is a rarity)!

I’m thinking we need two 3 seaters, that we can then move around the room when we feel like having a change. Then also having two footstools, meaning we have the option of extra seating when needed and makes it so that we can lounge out on sofas when wanted. Next we need to decide on a colour. Whites and cream colours are a big no no for us! I like soft, neutral colours so we’re thinking of a grey colour or a brown. A light grey and then we can add some colour with some scatter cushions and footstools to create a classic, elegant look that will always be modern. In addition to that there’s not much that grey doesn’t go with!

One thing Gavin and I both agree on is that we want a sofa on legs. Our current one doesn’t have legs so once a month we have to check under the sofa to see what toys have been lost underneath! A sofa with legs will mean that we can easily clean up toys and make sure they’re not lost. Or the other option is the complete opposite, where there isn’t any legs for toys to go under the sofa at all!

For months now we’ve been debating what to actually get and as the car has taken priority for getting replaced (but nothing on the market is appropriate) we’ve now decided it’s imperative we have a new sofa in the next few months. So we are venturing out next week to a few different stores and we shall take it from there, wish us luck in finding something and on waiting for delivery!

Much love Rebecca

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