My Birthdays

My birthday has always been a non event. However since having children it’s got worse and I have to remind Gavin on the day that it’s my birthday. To say I feel let down, unappreciated and disappointed, is an understatement.

Now some people would say don’t get angry get even! In other words, treat him the way he treats you. I don’t think Gavin would ever forgive me for that, but is that what I need to do for him to realise. I always thought having lots of children would mean me getting spoiled especially on birthdays, Mother’s Day and Christmas, or does that come later on, when they’re older?

Now I am definitely not on my own in this situation many parents that I have spoken to in the past feel unappreciated by their other half when it comes to special occasions! But isn’t that sad, that so many of us feel this way?

So things need to change! Do I take it into my own hands and buy myself presents from the children and husband? Or do I venture further afield and ask other family members to do something for me instead? It’s not that I want a big fancy party, I just want to spend the day with my family, have a bunch of flowers & some chocolates and maybe be treated to a meal at night!

Is that too much to ask for? And do you think Gavin might get the hint and I may have an amazing year, next year, full of lots of love towards me? One can sit and wish, surely!

Much love Rebecca

One comment

  1. Grandparents might send each of the boys a few pounds with the instructions to put them together, the older sons help the little ones with the shopping. Perhaps a special box of art supplies for making birthday cards for all family members, and it somehow comes out of the drawer the week before . . . it should get better as they get older, but best to cultivate appreciation for Mum!


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