Jonas is 8 Months Old

This month we are in a really good, established daily routine and it’s been quite enjoyable catching up with friends and spending time together as a family. With regards to Jonas’ milestones, his main accomplishment is that he has started crawling, all be it in an army crawl but it’s coming on every day! He’s able to hold onto items and support his full weight, when standing. I’ve started to get him to blow bubbles and clap, which isn’t coming very easily to him as some days are better than others, but he’s always got a huge smile on his face. He’s started with the separation anxiety and I can’t put him down or leave a room without him crying his heart out!

Week thirty one – This was the week we all came down with Covid, thankfully I was able to celebrate my birthday before I came down with symptoms. I also visited the dentist on my birthday. Our school was also collecting items for the local food bank which we went shopping for.

Week thirty two – This week I started deep cleaning each of the rooms in the house. The only room I didn’t get completed was the kitchen. I also worked at the weekend on both of the days so I was rather busy. Tobias, Hamish and Seth each had the flu vaccines for the year. My dad also visited to fix our outside garden gate, ready for winter.

Week thirty three – This week was den building at school and both had a lot to tell me, that evening about the event. Parents evening went well. It was brought up to me about ringing up and re-referring Hamish for his speech, which we are currently in the process of doing. Pheasant shooting started this week and it was Hamish’s turn to join in the fun. We ended this week with the start of the school half term.

Week thirty four – Half term was a fun filled week of visiting Halloween themed places, getting our haircuts done, Heading to a birthday party, a visit to the theatre and we also went sofa shopping which left more questions, rather than actually purchasing one. I finally was able to go to one of my friends’ Bounce sessions and it reminded me just how much I miss some ‘me time’ where I’m able to exercise.

This month has been full of fun with friends and family! I’m expecting a tooth to appear any day this month as all his brothers had their first teeth by now. But my VERY happy chappy is turning into a crowd pleaser with his huge smiles and I adore every moment with him as he’s a pleasure to have around. It just proves that a happy baby, makes a happy parent!

Much love Rebecca

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  1. What a joy to see the little ones! I just started a YouTube channel, with short clips of core exercises, easy and interesting. Perhaps you can sneak in a little “me time” here and there and learn these refreshing wellness moves. Thanks for sharing your motherhood. Ute


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