Tobias’ Sixth Birthday

Tobias is six! I can’t quite believe it, how time flies and it won’t be long before the gearing up to celebrate the next birthday will begin. Tobias was officially six on the 23rd of November which fell on a Wednesday this year. Because of how his birthday is this year, he was at school on his actual birthday. I made personalised biscuits for each of his classmates to take into school with him on the actual day. Tobias had a birthday badge that he wore throughout the day and we opened his presents, blew out some candles on some cupcakes and had a tea party with a disco at the end on his actual birthday.

This year Tobias was adamant he wanted a party, so we arranged to have an event at Billy bobs ice cream parlour near Skipton. It’s approximately half an hour away from us and I was sceptical at the distance, if all of his friends would manage to get there. I was super surprised with the responses we received and Tobias was overexcited to say the least. We had the party barn, which was absolutely epic, expensive but epic I should add. The children had 3/4 quarters of an hour in a private heated barn that had a humongous climbing frame inside with a separate room for food. Because the party was 10 till 12, I’d opted for the breakfast menu, which consisted of cereals, followed by home-made waffles with their choice of ice cream and sprinkles. It was then back to playing after we sang happy birthday to Tobias and before we knew it, the event was over, and it was time to hand out the party bags to everybody.

This year for Tobias‘ main present, he received a waterplay canal system, which I’d had my eye on for awhile now. It’s getting to a time where I’m considering buying a PlayStation or something similar as he’s getting older but I’m trying to resist for as long as possible. I’m hoping I can hold out till he turns 10. He also received lots of mone, clothes, tractor toys and dinosaur activities which will keep him busy up till Christmas and that’s only round the corner!

My plan is to buy them all, an outside climbing frame in our garden. Once Gavin has completed the ground works. We are currently just sitting and waiting, patiently for it to happen, hint hint!!!

Now that is out the way, it’s time to get into full Christmas mode, swiftly followed by prepping for Seth’s birthday. This time of year is certainly a busy one for us. Tobias is growing taller and more mature in front of my very eyes and it’s a privilege to watch him achieve each and every day. He makes me super proud and here is to the next year of his life!

Much love Rebecca

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