9 Months of Jonas

Jonas has officially been earth side the same amount of time that he was in my tummy. Jonas is different again in personality to his brothers. I lean towards Hamish in his looks but Tobias in his manners, he has a ‘can do and get on’ attitude! I’m excited to see what sort of little gentleman he grows into. At this stage, Tobias was sleeping through the night in his own room and he learnt to walk next month (10 months old). Hamish was the polar opposite in these milestones, in fact he was 13 months before he attempted any kind of movement, but he seemed to develop in other areas. Jonas seems to be following Seths footsteps, in the middle somewhere of his brothers, he’s standing by himself now and wants to move but doesn’t have strength in his legs yet. Jonas is nowhere near sleeping through the night, nor is he anywhere near ready to move into his own room.

He sounds like he is combining syllables into word-like sounds but no specific words yet. He loves nothing more than banging, dropping and throwing objects around so we’ve got the percussion instruments out for him. I’ve been watching him carefully and have noticed his pincer grip is developing really well, especially from having finger foods and purées now, he’s able to pick up peas and sweetcorn easily and swallow them, which I’m very proud of. He even tries to grasp the spoon from me now, when being fed. He definitely knows his own name and has started moving from a sitting position to a crawling position, crawling everywhere now super fast. He holds onto furniture by himself and can stand momentarily without holding on, but no steps yet unless he’s holding someone’s hands.

Week thirty five – at the weekend, my mum treated Tobias, Hamish and I to a theatre trip to see Shrek, the boys were really well-behaved and I was super proud of them. We met up with one of my Instagram mummy friends and had a Halloween experience at Mother Shiptons, it’s always a good day out when I meet up with Jen and we can catch up on farm wife life. During the week we went sofa shopping with Seth and Jonas, but it left me with more questions rather than decisions on what we should go for.

Week thirty six – this week Hamish was invited to a birthday party at world of their own. I haven’t been to this venue in a long time but it’s always an enjoyable experience. I met up with one of my longtime mummy friends who has recently given birth to her third child and it was a pleasure to meet him. At the weekend we had fireworks at home in celebration of bonfire night and we made a feast to go with it. Gavin and I also went car shopping but to no avail as of yet.

Week thirty seven – We had our first play date of the school year and the child left asking if he could come for a sleepover, so I’m taking that as a win. Gavin and I went out for the clay shoot dinner, I met most of the shooters before the children were born, and it’s always nice for a good old catch up. I also had an important PTFA meeting this week where I was voted to be the vice chair. Also my new business has started to pick up and I’m getting busier on weekends.

Week thirty eight – This week felt like we were at the dentist every day with a different person. Gavin had an emergency appointment, Seth had a routine appointment, and I had my new mouthguard fitted. On the Wednesday, we met up with our next door neighbour, and I need to do more of this in the future as I love our time together. I also managed to catch up with one of my most important friends, who I don’t get to see half as much anymore, due to life getting in the way! I finally got round to taking Seth for a much needed haircut. At the weekend, I went to a local fundraising coffee morning and I also spent most of the Saturday picking up marketplace purchases.

Week thirty nine – this week, the school held a phonics information evening and it certainly helped me understand how I can help and support my children at home. The week then seemed to be around organising Tobias’s birthday and his party too. Hamish was in the newspaper for being one of the new starters and we ended the week visiting tropical world in Leeds, with one of my favourite people to go out with, as she makes me feel very normal being part of a large family.

Jonas is a lot happier now he’s able to be included in certain activities with his brothers and is able to feed himself, meaning he can be occupied for short periods of time which helps me, hugely. With the lead up to Jonas’ first Christmas we’re all super busy on the farm but it’s worth it to see all their faces opening those presents and seeing our family on the big day!

Much love Rebecca

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