Birthday & Christmas On The Same Day

My mum is part of an elite club. There’s not many in the group and if you knew what was included I think you’d decline the offer! The group is known as ‘having a Birthday on Christmas Day’!

Christmas and birthdays are supposed to be two big events for you to enjoy each year. There’s presents, cake, sweet treats, cards, parties, with plenty of celebration and cheer. Unless, of course, your birthday and Christmas happen to fall around the same time, in which case, you’ll know the pain that comes from your birthday being constantly overlooked or forgotten about. And that’s not even mentioning the inevitable, crushing disappointment of receiving half the amount of presents when people get you a ‘joint Christmas and birthday present’.  

The Negatives

Having to ‘share’ their birthday

getting combined birthday and Christmas presents

Christmas taking priority

The Positives

Festive feelings

Christmastime treats

Time off – most people have a break over your birthday

If you or a loved one is celebrating a Christmas-birthday combo, then make sure to make it extra special for them.

Much love Rebecca

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