Vegetable Plot Plans 2023

2022 was full on with a newborn and Gavin was super busy on the farm which meant I found it difficult to manage our veg plot. We planted every seed going in our first year and learnt a lot along the way. Last year we only planted a select few that we knew grew in our climate. We had great results with our carrots and onions hpwever the potatoes (can you believe it) did not thrive!

The time has come to start planning for 2023! This year we will be focusing on developing a productive kitchen garden by only planting items we eat on a regular basis and not planting too much. Last year we planted tomatoes and pumpkins, but they took over the plot area and didn’t grow fully as a result. I plan on fencing the area where the rhubarb will be based so the children don’t stand on it too – using old tyres.

So this year we will be growing – strawberries, raspberries and blueberries just like last year. Rhubarb we will be trying again. As well as:









Sugar snaps

Runner beans



Pumpkins (one per child )


Sweet potatoes


Sunflowers (one per child)


Red cabbage

We have a lot of seeds left over from last year but I do plan on getting a few extra,bits to plant too.

Im hoping to try different ways to reduce the cost of running my garden by making my own compost, improving yields through better watering & nutrition management and extending the growing year. I aim for 2023 to be a year I take my hobby more seriously to see where it could take me and connect with like-minded people who share a love for gardening and all the good stuff that comes from it.

Much love Rebecca

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