Jonas is 10 Months Old

Jonas is getting a huge personality now and really loves testing his limits, but every time he does something and you tell him that he can’t, he does it anyway! If I’m honest, he has been hard work this month! He seems to think between 2am and 4.30am is awake time and can only nap through the day in my arms, I’m working on this, I promise! As he gains more and more confidence every day, he picks up more and more speed, both crawling and cruising on furniture!

Milestone wise he carry’s on reaching all the typical milestones for his age. Since last month he now is able to stand alone for a few seconds. He does love giving big smiles to everyone he meets, even sometimes flirting with people by hiding his face when people interact with him. He seems to understand simple instructions like ‘come back here’ or ‘here is your drink’, he knows his name and certainly knows the word “no”. He also now can drink from a cup independently. He lets me know all the time with gestures what he wants, particularly when he wants food! Finally he is showing signs of his brain developing by putting objects into a container and getting them back out, by himself. He copies me during play and sings or dances whenever he hears me doing the same. He loves nothing more than watching his brothers and interacting with them. He claps, waves and plays ‘how big are you’ too!

Week forty – the boys received their 1st December boxes and the daily advent calendar activities began. Gavin visited the dentist for a root canal filling! I met up with a friend to go for a walk around studley royal and I finished the week by attending a new barbells class in Leeds, it was fab!

Week forty one – I helped out at the school Xmas shop, where the children can buy gifts and get them wrapped for loved ones! The whole family helped put the church Xmas tree up. It was Tobias and hamishs turn to visit the dentist. On the same day was their nativity too. The Friday was the school disco with lots of face painting, treats and dancing! At the weekend Hamish was invited to a birthday party and we went to our local church’s Christingle service.

Week forty two – the school had a Xmas party during the day for the boys class. Gavin went to the work Christmas party put on by our milk processor. Tobias attended a birthday party and we find,y went on our yearly Christmas experience. This year we visited Lotherton Hall, it was spectacular and would highly recommend people to go!

Week forty three – this was Christmas week. We did lunch at our house this year and my mum joined us. We went to church for the crib service on Christmas Eve, where Seth threw up in one of the pews! On Christmas Eve we had gone to world of their own, which is an interactive children’s play area, western themed with cowboys and Indians. We spent all day and night at hospital on Boxing Day with Jonas who was constipated (for 12 days) and in alot of pain. He’s still not 100% now.

Week forty four – between Christmas and new year we visited askham Bryan college (gavins old college) to see the wildlife park there. We had some friends visit us on the farm too. On New Year’s Day we went to my mums for lunch and to celebrate with my brother and his partner too!

Let’s see what the next couple of months brings us before Jonas turns One! He has come on leaps and bounds in the last couple of months and I love waking up to see what new things he’s figured out overnight, his new found learning is coming on super quickly at the moment.

Much love Rebecca

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