Seths Third Birthday

Seth turned three last week, and we celebrated it in style! Not only did he get presents, balloons, cake and lots of visitors. We also managed to head out for the day, on a family adventure. We even got to eat out twice that day!

It was a slow morning where we all stayed in our pyjamas, whilst Seth opened his presents. he was truly spoilt by all his family and friends. We got him a harvester from playmobil and it was by far his favourite present, closely followed by a bow and arrow set, from my dad. He got lots of clothes and sweet treats too. The money he was given, he chose to spend on magnatiles to match the pack, a friend of ours bought him.

We waited till 9:30am, where we saw Seth on television, as I’d applied for him to get a mention on the milkshake channel. We then got dressed, loaded the car and headed out for the day. We visited Stockeld park who has recently invested in a humongous indoor play adventure park for children, called the playhive. The place was mesmerising, and the boys were in awe! Within seconds, we had lost Tobias and Hamish who ran in opposite directions. Seth was a little bit more wary about the place and wanted me to go around with him everywhere. We soon came across Hamish, who had got scared of heights and had stopped. Thankfully, the place is in a full circle and we knew that the boys were contained in that space. We got an hour and a half to enjoy the whole place, which wasn’t enough time really. I would say we needed three days to enjoy each of the areas.

We then headed for lunch at the pizzeria there, we purchased four pizzas and four brownies and drinks for everybody which cost us £70! I will say the place was absolutely jam packed and super noisy. Because it was winter, we didn’t feel it was appropriate to take a picnic with us, but should we go any other time, We will definitely be doing that instead. I also wanted to add here that we purchased the slippers as part of the pack to go into the indoor playhive, which was an additional cost, but once we got there, it wasn’t a necessity to have them,as long as you had socks.

We then headed out to the enchanted Forest, which is a huge walk around their lakes, in the woodland, with different areas for the children to explore. Such as climbing frames, houses to go into, fairy villages and twinkly lights. Halfway round, there is a coffee stop which was very much needed, LOL! and right at the end is where the ice skating part is! We opted out of this, as most of our children are under the age currently, it would be a lovely place to go once they all are over four.

By the time we completed everything it was 4 o’clock and time to head home, we went and did a few jobs , such as delivering parcels for an up coming Christening we have planned and then we headed out to McDonald’s for tea, which was Seths chosen place to go for food.

By bedtime, the boys were absolutely jiggered. The parents were aswell! We managed to fit in the cake and blowing out the candles, before putting on their pyjamas and heading to bed. The next day was mainly around playing and going for a walk around the farm.

Much love, Rebecca

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