The Parenting Awards!

With the Oscars nominations just being announced and the Grammys ceremony coming very soon, it got me thinking! All these actors and actresses provide us parents with things to watch all whilst we get on with our day to day lives, but I can’t imagine them dealing with the same everyday parenting shenanigans, as we do!

So I got to thinking if parents could give out ‘Oscars’ awards, what would they be for and what categories would you be nominated in? I’m pretty sure we’d all be out of our seats accepting these awards in no time!

The Parenting Oscars;

1. The Award for ‘Answering the most difficult random questions, whilst driving a car’.

2. School Run Award.

3. The Award for ‘Managing a demand for a post school snack’.

4. The Worst/Random Meal Invented Award.

5. The Survival Award (E.g. for forgetting a birthday card that needs to be handed out the same day)!

6. The Award for carrying the most items not belonging to them.

7. The Award for solving a bedtime routine gone wrong!

8. Winging It Award (E.g. finding a destination without a SAT NAV)

9. Keeping your Cool Award (E.g. during the morning routine or through a toddler tantrum)?

10. The Earliest Time of Drinking Alcohol (for remedy purposes)!

Red Carpet Action

I’m pretty sure the Parenting Oscars would have a red carpet stained with PlayDoh, small fragments of pom bears and the odd spilled half finished cup of cold coffee. The dress code would be more baggy jumpers and leggings, with hair in bird nests and there’d be a whole lot of sleeping going on at the ceremony as everyone knows a parent NEVER gets to sit down for more than fifteen minutes in one go with their eyes open!

Watching the Real Oscars

Here’s to watching the real Oscars in a few months time, actually I’ll probably end catching up the day after on social media – after having a rough night with the newborn!

Much love Rebecca

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