Jonas is 11 Months

The bedroom for Jonas is all ready, it’s vacant and we’re just waiting now! He’s nowhere near sleeping through the night though, so I feel like this is a long way off! We can now hear ‘mamamama’ and ‘babababa’ and ‘dadadada’ sounds and his actions are coming on. He now claps his hands, waves hello, blows bubbles, kisses and clicks his tongue. He feeds himself with a spoon now and is developing his pincer grip by eating raisins and peas. He imitates others’ activities such as feeding others or putting objects into a container. He can also understand simple instructions, such as “come here”. He loves the game ‘how big are you.’ And his crawling has become lot faster over the last couple of weeks, to the point he climbs up and down the stairs and I can’t keep up with him!

Week forty five – this was a slow week for us, getting back into the swing of school life, putting the Christmas decorations away for another year and heading to a local soft play with a group of my mummy friends.

Week forty six – This week, Jonas’s baby class started up and all the playgroups were back up and running so we ventured to each of those. I set up a business account with NatWest for my small business that I have just started and this was also the week that we picked up our new car, our eight seater mum bus!

Week forty seven – This week was mainly around preparing for Seth’s birthday. I did go to a ptfa meeting too at night. Gavin had a meeting about kerlews in our local area, but the weekend was dedicated to Seth’s birthday!

Week forty eight – this week after playgroup, I went to a local coffee shop with my mummy friend for a catch up. I also visited a friend over in Leeds for a good old chin wag. And the weekend was full on, with messy church and visiting Thornton hall farm and soft play.

We’re continuing going out to baby classes and playgroups to keep his socialisation up, this is where I feel Seth missed out lots! But we’re near the 1 year mark for Jonas and it’s flown by, too fast! He’s certainly not a baby anymore, but thankfully he’s not walking just yet and I’m holding onto that for as long as possible!

Much love Rebecca

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