Bath & Bedtime Routine 2023

It’s funny how life changes so fast and you don’t even realise. It’s only been a year since I’ve done one of these ‘routine’ blog posts, however since then, we had another little man and the routine has changed again!

Once the school run is done and we’re all home. The first job is always snacks and drinks for all the kids. Gavin usually goes out, just as we are walking in the door so it’s a quick ‘hello, goodbye’ to him and then I let the boys have half an hour of TV time, whilst I go round and finish off any jobs from the day, such as getting the laundry sorted etc.

At 5 o’clock I start to prepare tea whilst also listening to the boys do their homework of the day, which could be reading a book, working on their phonics or doing some maths project.

5.30pm is usually teatime and whilst they’re eating, is usually when I run around the house, getting it ready for night time. Making beds, get some pyjamas, closing curtains, turning night lights on etc.

Once the boys tea has settled, we usually go straight into Bath time which can be from 6pm onwards. Currently on a Sunday all four boys will have a bath, but then it’s every other day through the week that they go in twos. For example, Mondays is Tobias and Hamish, Tuesdays is Seth and Jonas, Wednesdays is Tobias and Hamish etc. Bath time has always been an event in our household. Tobias has always been a true water baby from birth, Hamish cry’s at the mention of a bath, Seth puts up with it with a sour face on and Jonas absolutely loves splashing and getting it all over his face!

When each of them have been newborns, their first few baths were separate to the rest of the tribe, quiet and relaxing and then slowly introduced to the main bath tub with the rest of the clan once they become true sitters and can go in the bath swivel chair. After they’ve turned a year they then only require the anti-slip mat in the bottom of the bath. Oh and the bath toys! I’ve always included toys; bath books, boats, ducks, pouring cups and robofish, it really is endless! I have been known on occasion to get the glow sticks out and give them a bath in the dark which is great for sensory play. Hamish is sceptical of bubble baths so I save bath bombs for special occasions. I still use the bath thermometer as I don’t trust myself – I’ll probably be making use of it well into their teens!

But bath time always falls at the end of the day, one of the last jobs before bedtime routine. I usually have started bath time before Gavin gets in from night jobs on the farm. Once we’re all done, out they come, one by one and i wrap a warm towel around each of them. After lots of cuddles whilst they’re drying off, I will brush their hair, then it’s time for getting dressed into their pyjamas (and fresh nappies for the younger ones). We also brush teeth at this point too.

We then come back round home where the boys will watch a little bit of TV before bed at 7pm. Seth and Hamish are first into their beds. They have a book each, that I read to them and then it’s a kiss good night. The music machine is put on and we all vacate the room. Gavin goes upstairs with Jonas who also has a book and then a bottle of milk before he falls asleep. Tobias and I go downstairs where he is allowed an extra hour now of independent time and it makes him feel like a big boy. He then goes up to bed around 8pm, so that Gavin and I can have some adult time.

If it’s a school day once they’re all in bed, that’s when I will get breakfast stuff together, ready for the next day, as well as clothes into piles, ready for them to help themselves. A packed lunch for Seth. If it’s his school day. This all just makes the next morning, that little bit smoother.

Much love Rebecca

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