Jonas’ Christening Poem

This weekend, we are celebrating Jonas joining the church and being baptised. I was asked by our vicar to read something to our Son. It could be a snippet from a book, a poem, or something that I had written myself. So here goes this is what I plan on saying this weekend, but to be fair, it could be said to any of my boys!

To my number four, the easiest by far

but don’t tell the others

as they might just take it sore

you see, I now know what I’m doing

it’s taking this long

but you’ve played your part very well

in just going along.

I wish you such a happy life

That’s jam-packed full of fun

Adventures, friendships, laughter, love

And picnics in the sun

I wish you a courageous life

With no dreams left untried

So that, whichever path you may take

You’ll always walk with pride

I wish you an accomplished life

That celebrates your wins

But let’s you know the equal joy

Of simply joining in.

But most of all, I wish for you

The life that you will choose

Your name has been given by us

But the rest is down to you.

Much love Rebecca

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