Gavins Birthday Ideas

In honour of Gavin’s birthday recently and us not celebrating his big day with a big show ( instead keeping it low key whilst in holiday)! I’ve come up with some free date ideas that won’t cost a penny!

1. Attempt to set a Guinness World Record.

2. Camp outside in the garden, overnight.

3. Answer a newspaper questionnaire.

4. Feed ducks.

5. Go to a free museum.

6. Make a scavenger hunt.

7. Play chess.

8. Have an at-home movie theatre night. Make popcorn and Ice cream.

9. People-watch in the busiest place you know.

10. Get dressed up and go on tours of expensive homes for sale in your area.

11. Go ghost hunting.

12. Learn to give a massage.

13. Make a time capsule.

14. Go on a tour of your local town.

15. Try geocaching.

16. Test drive your dream car.

17. Pick out your favourite cheeses and make your own custom charcuterie boards.

18. Offer to babysit or petsit for a friend.

19. Make your own pizzas from scratch.

20. Challenge yourself and work on a puzzle or jigsaw.

21. Binge-watch a TV series.

22. Have an indoor picnic.

23. Go watch planes landing.

Maybe one day, Gavin might get the hint and do one of these activities with me! Ha, who am I kidding!

Much love Rebecca

One comment

  1. Your family values are much appreciated here! I’d add to the list: how did you help your Mum & Dad today? Help your brothers? Did you see a wildflower? Did you see a wild orchid? Can we create a meadow, with the old flowers? Can we record the bees and butterflies coming to his meadow? Yes, you can. Monty Don says plant Yellow Rattle to make it possible. Not in the fields, but in one corner. Best, from Ute Heggen


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