Easter 2023

Each Easter gets better, in my eyes. As the boys grow and understand more, the traditions I set from an early age are starting to be considered as the norm for them and the excitement from the activities makes me super happy. We normally go for a walk to the ducks at some point over the four day weekend and then enjoy a picnic, but this year the weather was shocking!

On Good Friday, Gavin did morning jobs and then was given the evening farm chores off. So as soon as he got in, we all ventured into the car and went on our big adventure. We got onto a train (it was Seth and Jonas‘s first time on a train), and it took us through to York. We then took a little walk around to the National Rail Museum. And we spent a good few hours looking at all the old trains, playing in the play area, watching the little toy train set, and having some food etc. on our way home we also ventured to my mums for a coffee (to pick up the viys’ easter eggs), before heading home for a late tea.

On the Saturday, I helped the boys decorate some boiled eggs, ready for the egg and spoon race. We first had an Easter egg hunt around the garden. (That reminds me, I need to purchase new baskets for next year). Tobias had an enormous strop because he wasn’t the winner and didn’t collect the most – please bare in mind they all found 7 each! We then had our yearly race with an egg and spoon, which again Tobias didn’t complete as he wasn’t happy he was losing and declared everyone cheaters!

On Easter Sunday itself, I started the morning with going to the sunrise church service conducted by our local vicar.  After getting ready for the day and having breakfast, Gavin headed out for the day to go fishing with his family. Whilst the boys and I, had a home day and did a few school activities. We had a picnic on the living room floor and enjoyed a massive Sunday Easter dinner, for our evening food.

Finally on the bank holiday Monday we made hot cross buns. We also ventured out for the day with our friends to a woodland fairy trail, near Malton. It was absolutely fabulous & magical and I loved every single second of it. The boys loved running around and exploring through the woods. We had to look for bunny rabbits on our journey for Easter. The food was pricey but absolutely delicious and we were also advised that we weren’t allowed to have picnics with us. If I was to ever go again, I certainly would be more inclined to do a car picnic!

Easter certainly is one of my favourite holidays.  

Much love Rebecca

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