Why I Hate the Seaside

No, it’s not something I often talk about, but my least favourite thing in the whole wide world is to visit the seaside. Whenever it gets brought up in the conversation, my heart literally drops to the floor because I couldn’t think of anything worse than a day trip out to beach. Today I wanted to go into detail as the reasons why I feel this way, so here goes:

As a child, we used to visit the seaside on a regular basis in the UK, and I can still have flashbacks now, which brings back all those negative emotions. The day would start with a extremely long car journey. Closely followed by hours of looking for a car parking. Space. That was at least and I was walking distance away from the actual beach. Then it would entail armfuls of crap that you had to then carry all the way to the beach that ended up not being used. Once on the beach you had to run half a mile to actually get to the water. The sand would then stick to every single skin cell after making. You itchy and feeling dirty for the rest of the day.We would then venture out to look for a donkey ride, which might as well have been riding on the back of the human. God forbid if you should need the toilet because you have to pay for that privilege at the seaside.And then would come lunchtime, which would be the traditional fish and chips with a side order of sand, followed by an ice cream that you only got to have half of because it started running dripping down your hand! Then the decision will be made to go to the arcades, even though you’re feeling achy from all the sand attached to you still. Then would. Come the mountains of two peas in one piece in the hopes of winning a plastic tie! The day would end with a drive around the whole beach, and you could have a tour of where you’ve spent the whole day and then an uncomfortable long journey home. Are used to be left, feeling exhausted and Grimme.

What gets me more is those people who like to venture to the seaside in the cold weather because not only is it all of the above it’s also wet miserable and just plain horrid. In my opinion.

I can think of plenty of other things I would much rather be doing for instance sitting at home, watching a movie or having a walk around a park. So for me I’m just gonna stay away as much as possible.But I do realise my children do deserve to see the seaside just like I did as a child, but I hope that they dislike it just as much as I do and don’t want to go on a regular basis.

Much love, Rebecca

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