This disclaimer section is to clear up some of the lesser understood aspects of the blogging industry and to explain where I stand on paid content. Hope it clears up any questions you many have!

Sponsored content
I (Rebecca) may accept sponsored content on the Motherhood In Farming blog, which means that I may be financially compensated to publish a post. Any feature that has been compensated for we always be declared – whether it is a sponsored blog post or a social media post. I only ever work with brands that I love, believe in and feel is relevant for this site.

Gifted items
Sometimes I am gifted items without any expectation to feature in a post. I like to be upfront on items like this. I would only be sharing items that I have genuinely enjoyed using. I will always be honest about it and give an honest opinion.

Affiliate Links
As per the FTC Regulations I would like to let you know that I do have affiliate links throughout this blog. The links provide me with a small percentage of commission but do not cost you anything extra. I am a participant in the Amazon Services Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to the Amazon website. All items are genuinely my own picks and I haven’t been enticed to put specific items on there. Some of the links do contain trackable cookies, which means that website owners will know that you visited this website before you visited their website.

Content Management
All contents of this Site are my own and all rights are reserved. Everything on the Motherhood In Farming blog has been created by me unless otherwise stated. Please do not use any of the photos or content without asking permission. You can contact me by the contact page.

Much love