Four Month Update

IMG_0468I held a newborn baby for the first time this month and it smacked me in the mouth like a blow to the chest. My Tobias is no longer a baby, he’s grown into a little boy. I was left with a bitter sweet feeling and mixed emotions. You don’t notice the growth or changes on a daily basis but going back through old blog posts and pictures makes me see the differences. Month four has been a better month, he had a huge growth spurt at 13 weeks and was able to catch up with his percentile line (finally) after worrying he wasn’t putting enough weight on. The developments also came through thick and fast and his food intake also increased. So much so that I give him a bottle of formula milk as his last feed every night (5oz). Unfortunately the bad news is that his sleep pattern has changed (for the worse, I feel) he won’t sleep on his own or for long periods of time – so I will be focusing on this for next month.

IMG_0451As always he keeps achieving his current milestones and impressing me every day with his new ‘tricks’! At the beginning of the month we tried him in a walker and he wasn’t long enough to reach the floor but by the end of the month he was big enough and ready to go, go, go! He started bringing his hands together when you clapped your hands in front of him but he seems to have forgotten how to now! He also has forgotten or chooses not to roll over anymore! He giggles all the time but also has a short fuse and gets bored easily. He loves his reflection in the mirror and states at himself for long periods of time, he’s also found his feet now and likes to put them in his mouth as much as possible. He’s just starting to recognise his name. He spooks at noises – his face is a picture when he is scared but when he’s tired and trying to go to sleep he screams which I think is stress or anxiety of me not being there. He bats hanging toys and plays with activity centres, he is so busy when he’s awake trying to sit and stand (jumping when you hold him upright and doing bicycle legs by himself when he’s lying down) that I think he’s going to be a busy fellow when he’s older.

IMG_0452Week thirteen – this week we went to a christening where I gained lots of ideas for Tobias’ big day! The whole day was fantastic and perfectly timed in between the farm jobs.  It made me get excited about planning his christening and I soon got in touch with our local parish to look at what days were free. 

Week fourteen – this week we went to a new music class and the whole morning was very cringe for me. I had planned to meet some other mums however they weren’t able to turn up due to other commitments and babies being ill. So I went on my own to find out that I was the only one at the class! The teacher played the guitar and I was expected to sing nursery rhymes and make lots or noise. Needless to say I don’t think I’ll be going back after that experience!

IMG_0455Week fifteen – after experiencing a few horrid nights where Tobias is going through the four month regression, I have stripped back his bedtime routine as it was lasting too long and he was getting very upset and overtired by the end of it, the routine is simple –

7pm – bottle feed
7.30pm – bath time and dressed into night clothes
7.45pm – book
7.50pm – feed and then rocked until half asleep
8.15pm (ish) – put down in his crib.

IMG_0456Week sixteen – final injections went really well this week, he had to have the same as the first set of jabs but he didn’t seem as bothered this time. When the nurse put the needle into his leg he screamed but soon soothed himself,then looked at her and smiled as if to say that wasn’t so bad! His leg has swollen up again however but I’ve been assured this is quite normal and should go dien within three weeks.

Much love

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