Winter Bucket List

Drawing up a summer bucket list for the family is easy. It’s warm, so you can venture out to the park and playground, there are free activities to be enjoyed and kids want to frolic and get rid of all that cabin fever! Creating a winter bucket list, however, is much trickier. The chilly temperatures, icy conditions and all those winter colds can make fun and memorable winter activities for children much harder to plan and organise. Here’s my ‘want to’ list for this year, but I aren’t holding my breathe to be able to get them all done!

Build a snowman

Enjoy hot chocolates

Watch a Christmas movie

Make a food garland for animals

Make a Gingerbread House

Make snow angels


Make Homemade Gifts

Have a Winter Picnic in the living room

Visit Christmas Lights

Go Sledging

Tackle a Giant Puzzle

Make Ornaments

Go on a Scavenger Hunt

Stay in Your PJs All Day

Write Thank You Notes

Make S’Mores

Take a Festive Family Picture

Create Paper Snowflakes

Go Swimming

Blow Bubbles and Watch Them Freeze

Have a Snowball Fight

I hope this gives you some ideas to start your own list too! Do you think we will get any snow (enough to play in) this year?

Much love Rebecca

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