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I’m Rebecca, 29 years old and I married my partner, Gavin, in September 2015. We are both originally from the North Yorkshire Dales and we live on the family ran farm, together with Gavin’s parents (who live next door) and his grandparents (who also live within the farm grounds). Gavin and I are currently expecting our first child, who is due in November 2016. 

This blog started off as a way to document our pregnancy, so we can share our memories with our future child. I also, personally wanted to keep a journal for myself in case we have any future children. So I can view tried, tested or other reviewers’ comments about products and purchases. With this in mind I will then have an idea of what works for me and my family, and I hope this will also help and inspire other new and expectant parents.

I hope you enjoy the weekly updates which will include parenting reviews, weekly updates of our pregnancy and all other things lifestyle, for example how the farming industry influences our daily life.

If you have any questions please feel free to leave comments, which are reviewed and replied to, on a regular basis. Thank you for reading and hopefully, enjoying!

Much Love

 Rebecca & Gavin Wedding-291

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