September/ October 2018

As a family we have had such a busy September and October, life jus hasn’t calmed down since Hamish was born!  I aren’t complaining though, I’d rather be busy than twirling my thumbs!  So I thought I would share some of this months memories with you.

On the 24 September 2018, it was our local show. Gavin had three dairy cows that he took to the show for judging. We did manage to have a walk around the show and see all the other exhibitor stands, such as the sheep and chickens but we didn’t have long as Gavin was part of the Grand Parade. Overall Gavin did very well and came home with lots of rosettes and trophies.  Very proud moment for the family.  We celebrated that night with a takeaway!

At the beginning of September we went to a Wedding where Gavin was best man for his friend.  The bride looked stunning in her gown and the day went smoothly (from what I could tell)!  We took both boys with us and Gavin’s sister helped me look after them in the church. I came away early to take the boys home and put them to bed.  My mum came to the farm to help me put the boys to bed and Gavin didn’t even come home that night! 

I went to one of mummy friends houses for tea in September.  She had just had a new kitchen put in and we were all ogling over the colour and design.  However, on a side note it’s become apparent that a lot of my mummy friends are getting pregnant with their second and unbelievably I’m super jealous.  Don’t get me wrong I’m enjoying having Hamish around but I do like the idea of being pregnant again, I love being pregnant! 

We’ve also been shopping at the White Rose Center in Leeds for both boys.  Getting ready for winter is an epic task, both boys needed a full wardrobe update.  We even bought some items for Gavin as he needed new jeans and socks.  But as per normal we couldn’t find anything for me!

We’ve started taking Hamish to swimming classes with Tobias.  We’re lucky that both their classes are straight after each other.  We haven’t managed to get the timings right for Hamish, what with feeding and sleeping.  He hasn’t enjoyed himself and usually only lasts 20 minutes, I’m sure as he grows he’ll start to enjoy it more.  Tobias on the other hand is fully immersed and gets over excited whenever we head towards the pool.

My birthday was on 04 October 2018.  My mother, the boys and I went to big sheep little cow which is a petting farm with a soft play as well in Bedale.  We had a fab morning exploring all the different areas and we finished off by going for lunch in Bedale!  We then came home and that night Gavin and I had a Wagamamas takeaway.  I received a gorgeous necklace with the initials of both the boys on it (I did choose it after all)! 

Things don’t look to be slowing down anytime soon, what with more nights out, birthdays, bonfire night, Halloween, a holiday and then Christmas and new year on the horizon.  Let’s hope for a quieter 2019 (I really do t mean that, I love being busy)! 

Much love

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