Hamish’s Eleven Month Update

The bedroom for Tobias is finally completed and he’s moved over, which means we’re one step closer to getting Hamish into his own room.  We’ve moved his cot away from our bed into a corner of the room and (touch wood) he’s finally getting better at sleeping, no where near sleeping through the night though! 

We still don’t seem to have any understandable words but his actions are coming on. He now claps his hands, waves hello, blows bubbles, kisses and clicks his tongue. He has said “hiya” (we think), but no mama or dada yet! He feeds himself with a spoon now and is developing his pincer grip by eating raisins and peas. He imitates others’ activities such as feeding others or putting objects into a container. He can also understand simple instructions, such as “come here”. He loves the game ‘how big are you.’ And his crawling has become lot faster over the last couple of weeks, to the point he climbs the stairs and I can’t keep up with him!

Week forty four – was the bank holiday weekend, where I’ve already talked about what we got up to.  This week we also had Hamish’s one year, which went well.  We met up with all my mummy friends (doesn’t happen often where we’re all together) And we ended the week with a birthday party at the little gym which was fab.  

Week forty five – was the week of the dairy sale where we purchased lots of cows.  I also spent a considerable time on myself (thanks to gavin for looking after the children) I got my brows done(much needed), my mother dyed my hair and I had my nails done at a Chinese place(never again)!

Week forty six – I covered at work on the Friday and Saturday.  But it was the bank holiday so didn’t feel like I’d missed out on ta weekend.  We went to visit my dad on the Sunday. Gavin worked on the bank holiday Monday but had the Tuesday off instead.  

Week forty seven –we went to little beans cafe near Ripon, which was lovely and the afternoon tea was bang on – would highly recommend a visit, I’m hoping to get to one of their activity days soon! I met up with my long time friend who I don’t see as much anymore due to busy, child led lives!  I worked on the farm helping to tag all the new cows, giving them immunisations and we ‘PD’ them all too (check to see if they were pregnant)!  I went to a Pilates assessment this week too as I’m wanting to work on my strength now and I’m going to reformer classes (scary, bed like, torture classes)! In fact I’ve changed all my fitness sessions, just to change up what I’m doing and to not lose enthusiasm.  Currently I’m doing boxfit, circuits and Pilates reformer classes.  

Week forty eight – both boys went to the gyms crèche for the first time this week, it went well (surprisingly with clingy Hamish) so it’s going to be a more weekly thing now.  I met up with my mummy friend, saw my mother (which is every Thursday anyway) and I worked on the Saturday too. 

Hamish starts in September and I’m already looking forward to being able to clean my house in peace, without both boys around! I hope it will also encourage him to keep developing those social skills as it did help his brother come on leap and bounds!

Much love

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