House Update 2019

6A263E10-4140-4B9A-83B2-81511A776DD1So over a year ago, I shared our house plan with you for 2019, it was a list of jobs that needed to be completed around the house.  The challenge I set for myself and Gavin wasn’t excessive (in my eyes) so I thought I would do a little update for you on the jobs we did, should have done and what the plans are for the next year.  

After the winter of 2018, we were left with more repair jobs instead of being able to get on with new tasks.  The main job that needed to be completed before the end of summer 2019 was the heating. I’m pleased to confirm this has happened as well as installing new radiators in both the boys rooms.  Because of these works however, the kitchen was partly ripped to bits and therefore needed to be reinstalled, it’s functional but the fridge is now on a step (I can’t reach the top two shelves in the fridge)!  The door to the outside had been cemented and finished off.  The wall tiling has been finished off by myself, so that all is a big tick in my eyes!  Finally, the worktops were well overdue a revarnish and I completed this in the summer!

The electric meter is located above a cupboard in the kitchen and still needs boxing in with a cupboard door for access, but I have purchased the door to match the kitchen – it’s just a job that needs completing!  The beams, the ceiling and the whole room still need to be painted, I think we have decided to hire someone in as we both hate this job and don’t do a neat job of it either!

The main bedroom hasn’t really been changed but I’m desperate to have it looking nice and functional.  So I’m adding all the jobs to the list for 2020!  The room has two side cupboards, but both need shelving and rails installed to hang clothes etc.  An extra long set of drawers is to be either bought or created to add more storage under the slopes roof.  I would love a dressing table and chair to be created in the room, a proper place for me to get ready.  Finally, we have no seating in our room and I would like a long ottoman for the end of the bed.

We did complete the bed situation though!  We have two single beds put together with wadding in between and then a mattress topper over the top to make an extra large king size bed – I do struggle to buy bedding for it that fits but it’s perfect for Gavin and I (and all the kids)! 

I did aim to have the hallway and staircases completed by the end of 2019.  But since finding a reasonably priced plasterer is hard to come by, I’ve struggled to even look at this job.  The second staircase needs to be made to match the first, plastered and painted.  In fact again, the whole area could do with a freshen up of paint.  We also need a piece of wood for the step into the kitchen to make it more kiddie-friendly, we have the wood cut it just needs to be installed (this will also mean the door needs rehanging.  The stair case at the bottom of the first set of steps still squeaks and seems to go down when you step on a certain part so this needs solving – another job for Gavin.  The wood beam on the second floor needs treating.  I’ve got all the pictures framed and ready to hang once the walls are completed.  I’m still contemplating if we need blinds on both windows in the hallway and on the landing as we wouldn’t use them, they would just be for show!

We have completed Tobias’ new room this year though, which wasn’t mentioned last year.  It’s been fully plastered and painted and new furniture purchased for it. The last few jobs are all for me to buy.  Black out curtains, instead of the ones he currently has in there and a seating unit with storage for crafts (I’m thinking from the Ikea kallax collection).  

So overall, we didn’t complete the full list of what we wanted to do this year but we have had other jobs that we had to do instead.  Hamish has his own room (oh yeah, the nursery got a new lick of paint too)! Tobias has an older boys bedroom now and the heating is working, ready for winter!  So with baby number three on the way I imagine that jobs will be hard to get round to again but hopefully I can update you all, next year!  

Much love

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