Seth’s One Month Update

51ECAFBB-5E39-43DB-A4A2-F75EC5A60D83Round three of the monthly updates of a newborn. Just like with Tobias and Hamish, the one month old mark has arrived, albeit to fast. As I sit here I can still remember the events that followed for each boys labours, none more so than Seths terrifying and very different experience. Life with three is proving difficult, not helped by Seth colic and wind problem through the day, meaning he doesn’t want to be put down, EVER!   The main thing that seems to get neglected at the moment is the housework and my cleanliness! I shall try to recollect all the things we have been up to in Seths first month.

With regards to reaching milestones, Seth is able to lift his head and keep it steady for short periods of time when lying on his tummy. He jumps at loud noises and recognises certain people’s voices.  Seth can also stare at peoples faces as long as they are in close range.  Finally, I think he’s smiling (I can’t tell if it’s wind) but hearing his giggles when sleeping makes me chuckle too.

EF98024C-2DA3-4801-ABEB-4AE203556C09Week One:  We came home from the hospital the night that Seth was born and this time I came straight home (I didn’t go to my mothers for help this time). This week was hard, amazing, tough, joyful, emotional, an adjustment, superb and all the rest, rolled into one.  To be honest I didn’t do anything or went anywhere that first week, just sat and learnt Seths cues.  Seth was showing the first signs of colic from day three and i mainly tried to figure out how to ‘manage’ daily life with three.  I didn’t want it any other way though!  The midwife visited twice and we had friends come over too.  The midwife also completed the heal prick test which the results have come back all clear and his umbilical cord fell off on day six.

Week Two: this week we visited the dentist (daddy’s fault), we registered Seths birth and we registered him at the GP.  It was found that he had lost 7.9% body weight from birth but Seth soon put it back on and was signed off by the midwife later that same week.  We went out to soft play as a family of five.  We met with the health visitor and discussed Seths skin which had started to peel.  Most importantly he had his first bath, much to his distaste!

Week Three: Seths Grandad came to visit over the weekend and we visited his uncles new home, we’ve also met up with some of my mummy’s friends.  Seth developed wind build up/constipation this week, which is always upsetting too see, especially as no one can help much.  On the Friday we were super busy with appointments (i had an eye check up and Seth had his hearing test).  By the Thursday, Tobias had caught scarlet fever so we were on lock down from then.  

Week Four: the baby acne arrived this week, so i started putting my breast milk on them to help.  This week was valentines, so I organised lots of crafts for Tobias and Hamish, whilst Seth watched.    Be wise Tobias still had scarlet fever it meant a lot of walks on the farm and not much going out.  

I can’t wait to see how he develops over the next few weeks and hopefully Seths colic and irritability improves.  I know all to well that these infants grow and hit milestones far too quickly and I want to soak him all in! 

Much love


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