Starting Nursery

1F9E4044-253A-4120-B3A9-27B64D806142Tobias started nursery in January 2018, he had a few trial days in December but finally he was to be left in other people’s care for two mornings a week. I’ve got a serious case of the mummy wobbles.

I made the decision to start looking at nurseries late last year and knew I wanted him to be over one before he started. I looked at three different places and each had good qualities but it was the staff and their positive attitudes that made me choose the one he’s now going too.

The nursery has fantastic facilities and the staff are all really lovely and super kind and give lots of cuddles when he arrives, as he is currently throwing big wobbles as I leave. One of my friends has a little girl who attends the same nursery which is great that he’s mixing with other people his own age. I know there’s a lot of studies which say it’s great for young ones to socialise with other children and that they’ll learn so much more from by his type of interaction at his age.  One of the best parts is that they have an online log, where the nursery records all the information regarding Tobias’ day with them.  They record his sleep patterns, eating habits, Nappy changes and what he gets up to play wise, there’s always pictures where I can see him smiling and enjoying himself!

But I can’t help but feel that I’m letting him down. How do you explain to a one year old that it’s just for a little while and that I will always come back. I know I’m not the only mum to feel this way. I’m not the first and I certainly won’t be the last mum to experience these kind of emotions.

On the other side I do know there’s a lot of exciting things about our new chapter that both of us can look forward to. Such as socialising with other children and with adults that aren’t Tobias’ immediate family. He’s potentially going to learn how to share, which is an imperative life skill (more so now he’s going to have a sibling) that he will need throughout his life. The nursery boasts a large garden, with Astro turf if it’s wet outside and walks through the village and park where there is a woodland so it’s increasing the amount of space to learn and play for Tobias. I love that it gives us both structure to our week, even if it proving difficult for us both to adjust. He gets to do activities that I wouldn’t normally do with him, such as painting, bathing dolls and role play. I think it’s fab that I can turn up in the morning and ask for a card o be mad for a birthday or special occasion and they will do that with him. Finally, I’m enjoying having a bit of me time where I can have a cup of tea in peace, clean the house and do the food shop without going at a snails pace!

Every time he comes home I get an update of what he’s been up to play wise and what new foods he has tried. I can’t wait for him to be a little older so he can tell me his version and what he enjoyed!

Much love


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