Hamish’s One Month Update

So here we are again, the monthly updates of a newborn. Just like with Tobias, the one month old mark has arrived, already. As I sit here I can still remember the events that followed on the 3 July 2018. Life with two seems to have come very naturally and normal life has been an adjustment but we have already found our rhythm and I feel the whole family are in a positive place. I’ve even dared venture out on my own with the two little ones, it was the most daunting task I’ve done to date. The only thing that seems to get neglected at the moment is the housework (it’ll get done one day, surely)! I shall try to recollect all the things we have been up to in Hamish’s first month.

With regards to reaching milestones, Hamish is able to lift his head and keep it steady for short periods of time when lying on his tummy. He jumps at loud noises and it feels like he can actually hold his gaze on something now such as staring at peoples faces.  He really likes black and white objects or patterns as he has taken a great liking to my mums black and white curtains.  I think he’s smiling (I can’t tell if it’s wind) and he also giggles in his sleep.

. Week One: We stayed in hospital overnight once Hamish was born and on the Wednesday after Tobias had come to visit us in hospital, Hamish and I were discharged. We went to live with my mother, together with Tobias to be able to help me find my feet with looking after two. We visited family over the weekend and we also met with the community midwife.  She weighed Hamish and it was found he had lost 2% of his body weight, but by the Sunday he had gained it back and weighed 8lbs exactly. The midwife also completed the heal prick test which the results have come back all clear. His umbilical cord fell off on day three and he also started to suffer from baby acne.B2564808-455E-40CA-BA99-CE51B4147D23
Week Two: I moved back home on the Monday, which took a whole day with the amount of things I had for a newborn and a toddler. We also registered Hamish with the local GP. I tried to keep myself busy by going for walks up the lane with Tobias and Hamish in the pram to the top of the lane and back home. Hamish was starting to get into a routine and was able to sleep for 3 and a half hour stints through the night. The midwife had her final check up with me and I was signed off on good health. We finished the week off by giving Hamish his first bath with his brother and surprisingly he really enjoyed it, only crying when he was taken out. Finally, Gavin and I took Hamish for his first experience of food shopping (Tobias stayed at home with his Nana).
Week Three: This was a busy week, on the Monday we met with the health visitor who was lovely and my dad came to visit. On the Tuesday we went to register Hamish’s birth at the registry office. On the Wednesday Tobias was at nursery so I took Hamish along with me to practise the drop off and pick ups. We visited my mum on the Thursday where we went for a walk with the double stroller to our local park (Pateley Bridge high street is a big hill)! It was downhill from there though, by Friday Tobias had caught a virus and was being sick constantly, it lasted 48 hours. I then picked up the virus and was in bed all of Sunday closely followed by Gavin who had it Sunday night and Monday daytime. Hamish didn’t get it thankfully, but does seem to have developed a little bit of wind build up/constipation, which is upsetting as I can’t help very much in any way.6BE80F71-73C7-41F6-81AE-35DC041CCE82
Week Four: We started to visit my mummy friends this week, so I made sure Tobias was at nursery so I could practise going out with a newborn again before trying with two! I finished the week by going to a park with both Tobias and Hamish. Thankfully I had one of my great mummy friends with me, who was able to help when I needed to feed etc. I even had time to get my eyebrows done (very much needed) whilst Hamish slept the whole visit!C99A465E-4047-427A-821D-251CF4C21F3F.jpeg
I can’t wait to see how he’s developing and changing into a little boy over the coming months, I know all to well it happens far too quickly and before you know it you have a walking, talking toddler throwing tantrums all the time!

Much love

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